Neiron AI Academy opens up in Georgia

27.05.20 15:00

The Georgian based AI company Neiron LLC ( together with Georgian AI developers and AI enthusiasts is opening up an AI Academy in the country.


According to Neiron LLC, the move is to help share and improve Georgia’s position and know-how within Artificial Intelligence.


“Until now there has not really been any AI education in Georgia”, says Neiron CEO Petter Svaetichin. “With this move we hope to raise public awareness and teaching with regard to ethical AI development”, Petter continues.


Neiron is an AI production and consultancy agency that opened up in Tbilisi at the beginning of 2017. The company is fully staffed by Georgian AI specialists and founded Swedes nationals is an official partner of Swedish AI giant Peltarion. The company works with both Georgian and international clients that wish to outsource AI related work.


The initial course will reach out to university students (mainly physics and mathematics) wishing to build a career in AI as well as professionals wishing to move into that exciting field in order to further their careers and build a stronger and more attractive CV. Shortly afterward the intention is to offer courses to public and private employers wishing to ready their management and other key staff for the AI revolution.


The rector of the academy is Levan Bodzashvili, with a background in AI and new technologies research and education. … The courses will be conducted by Senior Neiron team members with both university teaching experience and working on large commercial AI projects.


The plan is that the courses will be held online until the current COVID situation allows for physical classes. Neiron Academy is taking on applications from June and plan to start the courses this autumn.




source: IPN

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