Carl Hartzell: EU support for Georgia per capita is one of the largest in the world

22.05.20 10:20

“The EU support for Georgia per capita is one of the largest in the world,” Carl Hartzell, an Ambassador of the European Union to Georgia said today during an online meeting with members of the European Business Association.


The Ambassador stated that “the European Union has acted quickly during the pandemic. Since the virus outbreak, the EU has been helping Georgia and working with the government.”


“The European Union has proved that it is a true friend of Georgia. A friend who helps you in the first place. But this would have been impossible without the credible and effective steps taken by the Georgian government. This concerns the public health crisis and also the socio-economic situation, where we also had a nice start, which allowed us to work very quickly with the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the government to develop economic assistance packages,” said the EU Ambassador.

According to Carl Hartzell, “the bulk of people in Georgia came across difficulties during a pandemic.” He noted that “this crisis is expected to continue for several more months.” The Ambassador added that “three important aid packages for Georgia have been announced in the last two months. Two of them amount to 250 million euros.”


“Yesterday, the European Council also approved €150 mln COVID-19 support package for Georgia. In total, the European Union is helping Georgia with about 1.5 billion GEL. This is a great achievement of the government,” said Carl Hartzell.




source: 1TV

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