As of May 21, diplomatic missions of Georgia assist 21 012 citizens abroad, send 12 409 citizens to homeland

21.05.20 14:00

Georgian diplomatic missions abroad, under the guidance of the Coordination Council of Georgia and in coordination with the Central Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, continue to assist Georgian citizens abroad under the established criteria.


As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed InterPressNews, as of May 21, the diplomatic missions of Georgia provided assistance to 21 012 citizens, while 12 409 citizens were sent to the homeland by flights organized by the Coordinating Council or other travel means.


“As it is known, in order to effectively organize the gradual return of citizens to the homeland, citizens must fill in a special electronic application, which is published on the website of the Ministry and on the websites of Georgian diplomatic missions. The relevant decision are made after the information provided in the applications is processed,” reads the statement.


The upcoming flight - Rome-Tbilisi- will be performed on May 22.





source: IPN

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