Georgia lifts state of emergency, curfew

21.05.20 12:30

The government of Georgia has decided to lift a state of emergency and curfew from May 23, Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Gakharia said on Thursday.


“Of course, we all understand that after this global pandemic, the challenges are getting worse and worse, but at the same time, we all understand that it is our duty to get the country back to normal life slowly, rationally, but very carefully. So the government decided not to extend the state of emergency and therefore the curfew will be lifted, although the virus has not gone anywhere and after the lifting of the state of emergency, the responsibility of the government, as well as each citizen of the country, is growing further, and the demand on wearing the face masks and observing the social distancing is getting even more important. Today, the world is already openly talking about the danger of the second wave of coronavirus, and all this must be taken into account when making decisions. We need to understand that in order to lift the state of emergency, we will need some restrictions to be kept in place in the country. These are the restrictions that are necessary to deal with the virus and to reopen the economy carefully and efficiently,” said the Prime Minister.





source: IPN

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