Abkhazian real estate cheaper for the joy of potential Armenian buyers

19.05.20 15:00

The coronavirus epidemic and related problems in Russia put the population of separatist Abkhazia on the brink of survival. There are no tourists, Russian cash injections are stopping. When quarantine ends, the problems in the economy of the separatist territory will not only not decrease, but on the contrary, will worsen.


In fact, the last asset that the Abkhaz in the event of a complete economic collapse of the separatist “state” could theoretically sell in order to survive is land, real estate. The one on which the Armenian lobby has long been “laid eyes on”.


Representatives of the Armenian community are actively lobbying for the permission to “buy non-citizens of Abkhazia” to buy land and real estate on the separatist territory. By the way, this was directly demanded in an interview with the current separatist “president” when he was the presidential candidate, the Armenian criminal authority Ruben Tatulyan, about which “KavkazPlus” already wrote in the material “Ruben Tatulyan offers the Abkhazians to sell real estate to“ save the multinational Abkhazia ”. Otherwise, Abkhazia will become mono-ethnic ... Armenian ” (


But the fact is that if the sale of real estate to “non-citizens” is allowed, Abkhazian real estate will go for nothing.


Realtors on the separatist territory are already seeing a sharp drop in solvent demand for real estate. Therefore, the collapse in prices, according to experts, is inevitable.


Economist Amra Tsushba believes that due to the fact that the consumer ability of the population will fall significantly after the most difficult economic situation in the world, housing prices are likely to go down.


“There will be no one to purchase real estate in such volumes. Our real estate market is already quite narrow, and it will narrow even more because demand is unlikely to remain at the pre-crisis level. Consumer demand will fall, respectively, and real estate prices may fall by 20 percent. If people need money, they will sell real estate, and therefore we can see a surge in the housing market. People will try to sell real estate in order to somehow survive in this situation, ”said Amra Tsushba.


The current quarantine will undoubtedly complicate interethnic relations in Abkhazia. There will simply be no help from Russia in the previous volumes. The question is to keep at least some help. There will be no Russian tourists. As a result, Abkhazians, who last year had the opportunity to earn money from tourists, will not have any income at all. Like the small officials who actually lived on Russian subsidies.


At the same time, a tightly knit Armenian community, counting on help from Russia and Armenia, is unlikely to be very poor. The economic dominance of Armenians in Abkhazia will be further strengthened.


Abkhazians were in a difficult situation. On the one hand, they somehow need to survive and the sale of housing for many may soon become almost the only chance of survival. On the other hand, the prospects of the demographic catastrophe of their ethnic group begin to cause a sense of natural alarm among the patriots of Abkhazia.


Abkhazians begin to realize that they have already become a minority on their land, and after the lands and real estate in Abkhazia are bought up by ethnic Armenians who have already looked at it and have citizenship of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Armenia, and the separatist Artsakh, they simply dissolve in a huge number of newcomers and immigrants.


It is possible to increase the Armenian community of Abkhazia from the current real 80-90 thousand people to half a million in just a few years. But the Abkhazians, who actually remained in Abkhazia 50-60 thousand and then to a large extent of advanced age, will continue to decrease in quantity. Moreover, Abkhaz youth no longer knows their native language. And, worst of all, it cannot find a place for itself in separatist Abkhazia.


Among young people, there are many unemployed. They ruin themselves with alcohol and drugs. Families fall apart. More and more young Abkhazians go to crime because of despair. All this is perfectly seen by the patriots of Abkhazia. They cannot but understand that with permission to sell land and real estate their people will be simply doomed.


Among the patriots of Abkhazia, more and more voices are being heard in no case to allow the sale of real estate to aliens. True, at the same time, Abkhazian patriots are simply compelled, like a mantra, to repeat the thesis of supposedly “Georgian aggression”, which few people really believe in.


The fact is that any Abkhaz who opposes the Russian occupation and Armenian dominance in his native land if he does not at the same time mention the “Georgian aggression”, will immediately receive the label “agent of Tbilisi and the Georgian special services”.


Georgian patriots should understand that, despite all the parallel anti-Georgian rhetoric, without which it is simply unsafe to live on the separatist territory, Abkhaz patriots are fighting for a common homeland with Georgians. It is necessary to support Abkhazians who oppose the sale of both Georgian and Abkhaz land. Since experience shows that if Armenian nationalists settle somewhere on a foreign land, it is already very difficult to make them give back what was captured.




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