World Bank to allocate €90 mln for Georgian education system

19.06.19 11:15

The World Bank will allocate €90 million for the Georgian education system 

The deal for the implementation of a project titled Innovations, Inclusive Education and Quality was signed.


The education project is mainly aimed at:


Promoting pre-school education and increasing its availability;
Increasing the quality of teaching;
Improving higher education financing parameters;
Improinge project management, monitoring and assessment system.
Education Minister Mikheil Batiashvili said large international organisations are supporting complex education reform in Georgia.


Every single step during the reform will be carried out in cooperation with them,” Minister Batiashvili stated.
He also referred to a deal signed with Germany several days ago which plans to invest €23 million in the development of vocational education.


Batiashvili stated the World Bank has always been one of the most significant partners of the Education Ministry.




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