People with fever not to be allowed to leave the city

02.04.20 15:35

The person, who will be driving from city to city with fever, will not be allowed to continue traveling and will be taken to a medical facility, - the Ministry of Health told InterPressNews.


The temperature of passengers is checked at special checkpoints.


According to the Ministry, the temperature of 37.5 or above is an alarming signal for doctors even in the absence of other symptoms and passengers will be taken to the clinic for examination.


Checkpoints have been opened at the entrances to Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Rustavi, Zugdidi, Akhaltsikhe, Telavi, Poti, and Gori. The number of passengers in the car should not exceed 3 persons, two of which should seat in the back part of the car.



source: IPN

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