Seven employees of the National Bank diagnosed with COVID-19

02.04.20 13:05

Seven employees of the National Bank of Georgia diagnosed with COVID-19, they were in isolation, – the National Bank of Georgia reports.


“One week ago, one of the employees of the National Bank showed symptoms of new coronavirus (COVID-19). Upon the detection of symptoms, the relevant services were notified. The National Bank ensured the self-isolation of a particular employee and employees in direct contact with him/her, and the work environment was fully disinfected.


The test confirmed the virus to seven isolated workers. They have been transferred to an appropriate hospital and are undergoing treatment procedures. Their health condition is satisfactory at this stage. Extensive epidemiological research is currently underway to identify all possible contacts.


Individuals who have been diagnosed with the virus are employees of one structural unit. Their office has been completely distanced and employees of this unit have had no contact with other bank employees for the past two weeks, ” – the statement released by National Bank reads.


At the same time, according to the agency, despite the fact that 90% of the employees of the National Bank perform their duties remotely, intensive disinfection and cleaning works are still carried out in the buildings of the National Bank.




source: 1TV

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