PM – It is a war with the invisible enemy where nobody has a chance to win without unity of government, civil sector and civilians

02.04.20 10:00

Our main task is not to have a steep peak in the process of spreading the novel coronavirus and to avoid it. We need a plateau, that is the main purpose for which we are working, – Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia said in the live air of Imedi TV.


PM said that the highest engagement of top-level professionals and fast and effective management represents the strategic and tactical steps of the government in the struggle against the virus.


“We don’t have grounds to be calm and self-satisfied. Being highly organized, attentive and mobilize is essential since this is a struggle with the invisible enemy where no government, even in stronger countries than Georgia, has the chance to win unless everybody unites – government, civil sector, and every citizen.


We have had many challenges and we will cope with this one as well but what matters is at the price of what? Our goal is to find balance. The foremost importance goes to the health of our people of course but we should remember about the damage that will be inflicted on the economy,” Gakharia said.



source: 1TV

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