​Levan Ratiani - COVID-19 patient in critical condition cured 

01.04.20 14:30

Levan Ratiani, director of the First University Clinic, said that a coronavirus patient who was in a critical condition, recovered from the novel virus. She will be discharged from the clinic today.


“The patient’s condition was critical, she was put on artificial respiration machine. However, today, she will leave the clinic. I am grateful as this clinic performed great service for this patient,” Levan Ratiani said.


Ratiani added that in the case of such anamnesis, the lethality rate is 97 percent. In line with the recommendation introduced by the World Health Organization, the cured patient will be in self-isolation for the next couple of weeks.


Currently, 83 are hospitalized in the First University Clinic. Of those, 19 have been diagnosed with COVID-19, the rest are under medical supervision.




source: 1TV

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