The young man is among newly infected patients who attended the funeral in Kakheti

31.03.20 16:55

There is a young man among the newly infected with coronavirus patients who attended a funeral in one of the villages of Gurjaani district of the eastern Kakheti region 12 days ago.


Marina Kapanadze, Head of Gurjaani Public Health Center told Georgian First Channel that all contacts, with whom the man communicated, are determined. All of them are examined and none has suspicious symptoms. The young man is placed at Tbilisi Hospital of Infectious Diseases.


The number of people infected with novel coronavirus increased up to 110 in Georgia.


The information was recently updated on a special website created by the Georgian government.


According to the official data, 21 patients have fully recovered from the virus. There are 4995 people remaining in quarantine and 278 — in inpatient care.




source: 1TV

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