EU to allocate an additional EUR 20 million to Georgia

31.03.20 14:30

The representation of the European Union to Georgia will help Georgia in coping with challenges caused by the COVID-19 crisis in the amount of more than 20 million Euro as additional aid through a solidarity package.


The already allocated 70 million for acting programs will be re-directed to regional funds as part of the aid designated to Eastern Partnership countries.


EU Ambassador to Georgia Carl Hartzell said that the EU stands with Georgia in these difficult times to cope with coronavirus-related challenges.


According to Hartzell, for immediate reaction, Georgia will have access to the regional emergency medical equipment and facilities in the value of 30 million Euro such as facemasks, artificial breathing devices, laboratory sets, etc. The EU will also assist Georgia with expertise knowledge.


“In the next several months, the EU will mobilize more than 70 million Euros to help Georgian businesses for stimulation of their companies after the crisis, restore their normal functioning and facilitate access to grants and credits in GEL,” Carl Hartzell said.


The EU Ambassador to Georgia said that the EU in this way hopes to contribute to the work and efforts of the Georgian government and people in the struggle against the virus.




source: 1TV

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