Three newborns from Marneuli and Bolnisi are in critical condition

27.03.20 12:30

According to Levan Ratiani, director of the First University Clinic at Tbilisi State Medical University, the condition of a pregnant woman infected with coronavirus is stable.


According to him, they also have 3 newborns in the clinic, whose condition is serious.


“We have 3 newborns in the clinic. Their condition is difficult but manageable. They have severe respiratory failure, but as you know, this does not necessarily mean that they are infected with COVID-19. Infants have always had similar problems in our country and in the whole world, but these infants were transferred to our clinic as suspicious cases since Marneuli and Bolnisi are declared a red zone in our country,” Ratiani said.


According to him, the infants will be tested for coronavirus, because they are transferred from the red zone.




source: IPN

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