Military personnel test negative for coronavirus

27.03.20 12:05

The military personnel tested negative for coronavirus at the Lugar Research Laboratory – the Defense Ministry reports.


According to the Ministry, none of the servicemen has tested positive for coronavirus at this time.


“As all the military servicemen with signs characteristic of coronavirus or seasonal flu undergo treatment at the military hospital, a decision was made yesterday to transfer five military servicemen from Tbilisi’s first university clinic to the Gori military hospital, where they are provided with highly qualified medical services.


It is noteworthy that the World Health Organization rated the level of hospital preparation and control of coronavirus infection as the highest. We again urge the media and other professional groups not to spread information in advance and not to describe the medical preventive measure as a confirmed case of the virus. Way for both the official statement of the agency and clear medical findings,” the statement said.




source: 1TV

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