Georgia's StopCov foundation against COVID-19 already has 7 mln GEL

26.03.20 13:10

A total of 7 million GEL (about $2.02m/€1.85m) has already been accumulated in the StopCov foundation created on March 23 to help the poor and disadvantaged get through the coronavirus crisis in Georgia.


Business ombudsman Mikheil Daushvili said that since the opening of the account for donation, many citizens and dozens of companies have already expressed a desire to assist the state in the fight against coronavirus.


Among the companies that have made donations are:


MagtiCom - 3 million GEL
RMG - 1 million GEL
Tegeta Motors - 200,000 GEL
Dirsi - 200,000 GEL
M2 - 100,000 GEL
The Georgian Football Federation - 100,000 GEL.
APM Terminals Poti - 100,000 GEL
Casa Calda - 100,000 GEL
Askaneli Brothers - 100,000 GEL
Sarajishvili - 50,000 GEL
Supermarket Zgapari - 30,000 GEL




source: AGENDA

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