GPB to start live lessons for school students as of March 30

24.03.20 12:45

From March 30, the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) will broadcast live lessons for school children, Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Gakharia announced at a meeting of the Inter-agency Coordination Council.


According to the head of government, the joint initiative of the Ministry of Education and Public Broadcasting during the coronavirus pandemic is an important step forward.


“As you know, the school process is suspended. The State of Emergency has been declared until April 21, but to say I directly, there is a chance that the schools will be open at the end of April, but there is also the chance that they will not open. Therefore, the Ministry of Education has taken some steps to improve remote learning. They have very good cooperation with the GPB, and specific lessons for high school students will start on March 30,” PM Gakharia said.


The Prime Minister called on internet providers to take the interests of students and pupils into account to ensure their easy access to the internet.




source: 1TV

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