Georgian troops to be confined to barracks from March 21  

20.03.20 13:40

Georgian troops will be confined to barracks from March 21 to prevent the possible spread of the coronavirus.


Defence Minister Irakli Garibashvili announced earlier today that his priority is to protect the Georgian servicemen and their families amid the global COVID-19 pandemic.


These preventive measures will significantly reduce the possibility of spreading the virus at the [military] base", Minister Garibashvili wrote on Facebook.


Minister Garibashvili said as the servicemen will not have the opportunity to leave the military bases, they will be provided with all the necessities there.


Since February 26, 2020, Georgia had 40 confirmed cases of COVID-19, however, the first patient who has recovered has been discharged. As of now, 1,592 individuals are under quarantine in Georgia.




source: 1TV

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