"Workers" of the Armenian Embassy in Georgia continue to stir up hysteria around David Gareji

27.02.20 15:05

Members of the so-called "David-Gareji Protection Committee" led by Nikoloz Mzhavanadze held a protest rally in front of the Azerbaijani embassy. What kind of a “committee” it is and who it works for, is shown by the one who advertised their action - the Armenian media. And using purely Armenian propaganda cliches.


Here, for example, one of the headlines of the announcement in the Armenian publication Infoteka24 of the rally of the so-called “Georgian patriots” defending Armenian interests to worsen relations between Azerbaijan and Georgia:


“A rally will be held in front of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Georgia demanding the release of David Gareji from the Azerbaijani occupying forces” (


Interestingly, neither this nor other Armenian publications have ever called either Abkhazia or the Tskhinvali region “occupied”. For them, these are “independent republics," because the so-called NKR (and in fact occupied by Armenia Azerbaijani Karabakh) recognized them as such.


All this is not surprising - after all, in Abkhazia, Armenian militants staged the genocide of the Georgian population. And until now, Armenian nationalists have not allowed Georgian refugees into their homes, but they are lobbying in every way for the separatist authorities to allow the Armenians to completely buy up all of Abkhazia.


“Today, at 16:00 in Tbilisi, a rally will be held in front of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Georgia demanding the immediate de-occupation of the temples of the Georgian monastery complex David Gareji and the withdrawal of Azerbaijani forces from there,” writes Infoteka24 Armenian publication advertising the rally. At the same time, forgetting that Armenia, for example, has arrogantly occupied the Georgian monastery of Khujabi by illegally moving the border.


Not to mention the fact that having appropriated Georgian churches on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, Armenian nationalists officially still claim 465 Georgian churches on the territory of Georgia. And some of them, for example, Kumurdo Cathedral in Samtskhe-Javakheti have already tried to capture by force, stoning the Georgian police.


It is clear that the participants in the provocative rally in front of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Tbilisi voiced exactly everything that their “masters from Yerevan” dictated to them.


They demanded the withdrawal of the "Azerbaijani military" (ie border guards) from the territory of David-Gareji. With this requirement, members of the so-called "David-Gareji Protection Committee" sent a letter to the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, which they brought to the Azerbaijani Embassy. The organizer of the rally, Nikoloz Mzhavanadze, said that the Azerbaijani authorities "do not allow parishioners to Georgian shrines in David Gareji."


According to him, the agreement reached between Gakhariya and Aliyev, according to which clerics were supposed to be allowed into David-Gareji’s territory, allegedly "was not fulfilled."


In this statement, a blatant lie, since monks and clergy are just allowed to be in all the temples of David Gareji and to worship. However, in order to avoid provocations before demarcation and arrangement of the border, Azerbaijani border guards are forced to limit the number of pilgrims and tourists visiting parts of the monastery complex located on Azerbaijani territory. Since when access was not limited, there were provocations to the extent that they tried to take weapons from Azerbaijani border guards.


It is clear that with his hysteria, Mzhavanadze only aggravates the situation and postpones the time when tourists and pilgrims will be allowed to part of the David Gareji complex located in the territory of Azerbaijan without any restrictions. And this is most likely to be inevitable as soon as complete delimitation and demarcation of the Georgian-Azerbaijani border occurs.


By their provocations, such as Nikoloz Mzhavanadze deliberately impeded this process, struggling to ignite the conflict between Georgia and Azerbaijan over David Gareji in the interests of Armenian "customers".


The date of the rally in front of the Azerbaijani embassy was also chosen by provocateurs, not by chance. February 26th is the anniversary of the Khojaly genocide.


Mzhavanajze on this day makes an attempt to shift the attention of Georgian society to another topic. At that moment, when Azerbaijan was holding events in memory of children and women innocently killed by Armenian monsters, Mzhavanadze clearly had a purpose and “task” to muffle this event through “information switching” with another topic, provocative and anti-Azerbaijani.






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