Energy instability in Georgia - Armenian provocateurs aim to destroy the strategic partnership of Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey

25.02.20 11:10

Recall that the Armenian provocateurs wanted to sow enmity between Georgians and Azerbaijanis from the very beginning of the Karabakh conflict, back in 1987-1988. And again, they wanted to provoke Georgians to “revise the borders”. Demand from Azerbaijanis Zagatala and Kakhi (Gakh) as we demand Nagorno-Karabakh – that is their logic. Moreover, even then, the plans of the Armenian nationalists included an offensive on Samtskhe-Javakheti (on the “originally” Armenian “Javakhk”).


It is terrible to even think what would happen if the then-Armenian provocation were a success. It would not save from separatism in Tskhinvali and Abkhazia. But Georgia would have remained completely alone. As a result, the whole south of Georgia, and maybe Tbilisi, would be captured by Armenia.


It is not worth minimizing such a danger, because the “Artsakh” direction of Armenian expansion at the congress of Dashnaks on the eve of the collapse of the USSR was preferred over the “Javakhk” one by one vote.


Moreover, the Dashnaks did not vote at all on the issue of Georgian Abkhazia at that time, but they only had the opportunity to set up a separatist conflict there and tidied up this Georgian territory by expelling more than 300 thousand Georgians and making the degrading and dying Abkhaz people completely dependent on themselves.


Today, Armenian provocateurs are once again stirring up a conflict between Azerbaijan and Georgia, including over David Gareji. And the narrow-minded Georgian politicians and political scientists carry out their orders. This is exactly how the anti-Azerbaijani statements of the Georgian opposition politician Gubaz Sanikidze and political scientist David Akubardia, explicitly “ordered” by the Armenian side, should be viewed on the Georgian television channel Kavkasia (


“The Bolsheviks created Azerbaijan, and now they have claims to the “most ancient” people of the Caucasus. We will not concede anything to them ... Kakhi and Belakani regions are Georgian lands,” said opposition figure Gubaz Sanikidze. Political scientist David Akubardia also, in turn, repeated the thesis of Armenian nationalists that “Azerbaijan is an artificially created state”.


Moreover, in the program, David Akubardia addresses the Patriarchate of the GOC, in particular Sergo Kraselidze, a native of Zakatal who works in this structure, so that they can begin to make claims on churches located on Azerbaijani territory.


Armenian nationalists already have official complaints about 465 Georgian churches in Georgia. This is not to mention the fact that almost all churches in the occupied territories were taken from the Georgians, while the Armenians appropriated all, without exception, Georgian churches in the territory of the Republic of Armenia. Including the Armenian side brazenly captured the "moving" border of the Khujabi monastery.


If the Armenian provocateurs, through such irresponsible figures as Gubaz Sanikidze and David Akubardia, manage to direct the efforts of the Georgian Patriarchate to claim Azerbaijan instead of defending Georgian shrines outside Georgia, then hundreds of Georgian churches in Georgia will go to the Armenians.


At the same time, the transfer could not do without direct “water blackmail” to Azerbaijan:


“They have water from here. Half of Azerbaijan sits on Georgian water. You have oil and gas - I have water! If you want to drink, you will drink oil.” - Gubaz Sanikidze impudently and rudely declared.


However, this politician is rude not only to Azerbaijan but also to his own, Georgian authorities, without calling them “traitors” (arises question who is he himself carrying out the orders of Armenian provocateurs?).


It is interesting that stirring up a conflict with Azerbaijan, Armenian provocateurs at the same time destabilize the situation in Georgia. Inspiring the opposition that it should come to power only with the help of the "Maidan" or coup (without waiting for elections and ignoring democratic procedures). There isn’t an accident that the Armenian provocateurs, including Pashinyan's associates, participated in an attempt to seize the Georgian parliament in June 2019.


The interest of provocateurs is clear. If the conflict with Azerbaijan coincides with the internal turmoil, then Georgia will be doomed. It is simply will be "torn to pieces." First of all, Armenian "well-wishers" will get them.


It is also curious to read how the main customers of the conflict between Georgia and Azerbaijan - the Armenian nationalists - relate to the Georgians themselves. They openly laugh and mock the Georgians, which in principle follows from comments on the material on the enlightened anti-Azerbaijani story on Kavkasia: “Georgian politician Sanikidze: The Bolsheviks created Azerbaijan, and now they have claims to the “most ancient” people of the Caucasus” (https: / /


“What are Azerbaijanis, what are Georgians ... of the same breed, in terms of intelligence and ambition.”


“Of course, you are the most ancient people .. Shevardnadze said Georgia has existed for 35,000 years ... You look like your brothers ... Two acrobat brothers, now prove which of you is oldest, you stand each other. This is not a suit for you to wear with a bow tie and show yourself, ancient people. You said you were brothers with them. ”


And so on.


In a situation where Georgia occupies 20% of the territory, and Abkhazia, in fact, took over the Armenian nationalists who carried out the genocide of the Georgian population, while the Armenian provocateurs stir up separatism in Samtskhe-Javakheti, the conflict with Azerbaijan will finally destroy Georgian statehood. Georgia can be divided and “taken with bare hands”. This is what the “Armenian brothers” will do to cleanse the Georgians they liked from the land, as the Baghramyan’s battalion in Abkhazia did.


Those who incite all kinds of provocations against Azerbaijan are enemies primarily of Georgia and the Georgian people.




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