Frequency of Tallinn-Batumi charter flights may increase

18.02.20 15:40

The officials of the Tourism Department of Georgia's Adjara region met with the officials of Estonian tourism and advertising companies today.


The parties have discussed the plan of increasing the number of charter flights between the Georgian city of Batumi and the Estonian capital city of Tallinn.


As the Adjara Tourism Administration reports, the number of international visits from Estonia to Adjara increased by 76% in 2019.


The parties discussed the charter flight issue with a Tez Tour Company, which plans to increase the flights frequency from Tallinn to Batumi.


The company conducted the first flight to Batumi in the summer of 2019.


Adjara Tourism Department and Georgian Embassy to Estonia held an event for Estonian journalists who participated in the process of making popular Georgian dishes.


The Estonian reporters also received information on the attractive areas in Adjara. 




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