Economic Minister says Georgia is a safe and attractive country

17.02.20 17:10

''Georgia, having become a host of ITB Berlin exhibition, is a phenomenon of utmost importance for our tourism industry and the entire country,'' Georgian Economic Minister Natia Turnava said today, as she attended the presentation held by National Tourism Administration.


The presentation referred to the ITB Berlin exhibition-market that will be held in 2022 in the German capital city of Berlin.


The exhibition managers named Georgia as the host of the event a while ago.


''The fact that we have received the status of the host is a recognition that Georgia has one of the safest, rapidly increasing, interesting, attractive tourism market, full of modern and ancient traditions,'' Turnava said, adding that the number of visitors of Georgia exceeded 9,300,000 for several latest years.


Georgia will host the most significant international ITB Berlin tourism exhibition in 2022.






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