Vice Speaker of the Bundestag on Georgia's support

17.02.20 11:25

“Europeans are responsible to support Georgia,” one of the vice presidents of the Bundestag Claudia Roth said after the meeting with Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani.


“It was a very productive meeting. I love Georgia and Georgians. You have a wonderful country.


Europeans are responsible to support Georgia in its challenges,” Claudia Roth said.


Roth noted that one of the main topics of discussion was the situation in the occupied regions of Georgia.


“Russia should not think that this issue is over that Georgia excepted the occupation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.


I met with the internally displaced persons in Georgia. I was there, I do not want to call it the border as it is the part of Georgia. I saw people crying over their loss. They cannot return home. I was informed about abductions too. These are topics that the Germans, the Europeans need to discuss out loud,” Roth stressed.


The member of the Bundestag added that Georgia plays an important role in the region.


“Georgia that serves a bridge connecting important regions has an important role. Georgia has stability. But it has neighbors with unsolved conflicts including Armenia and Azerbaijan.


We also exchanged views on the prospects for Georgia’s development. I think tourism plays an important role. A lot of Germans are visiting Georgia and I think the number will increase,” Claudia Roth concluded.




source: 1TV

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