Ex-Tbilisi City Hall official detained for misappropriation of 63,550 GEL

10.02.20 17:40

Two individuals, including the former head of the Municipal Service Development Agency of Tbilisi City Hall, have been detained and three others have been charged with abuse of authority, misappropriation of funds and support of illegal activity by the Georgian State Security Service.


The State Security Service reported earlier today that the former official of Tbilisi City Hall, who has not been identified, purchased 23 laptops from LTD Techraiser while in office.


The Municipal Service Development Agency paid 34,550 GEL (12,000 USD) more for the laptops than their actual price was. With the help of the acting head of the LTD [who is now detained] the former official received the 34,550 GEL (10,000 USD),” the State Security Service says.


The agency reports that the former official also employed two individuals at the agency ‘who never appeared at work.’


The former official, however, had the salary cards issued for the two individuals and illegally received 29,000 GEL,” the State Security Service said.


The crime is punishable by seven to 11 years in prison.




source: AGENDA

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