Georgian president gifted historic series of letters between Georgia, League of Nation

12.06.19 13:40

Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili has been gifted a series of historic letters exchanged between Foreign Minister of the First Democratic Republic Republic of Georgia Akaki Chkhenkeli and Sir Eric Drummond, first secretary-general of the League of Nations, which took place before the Soviet Union occupied Georgia in 1921.


"It is a special gift,” Zurabishvili said, who is a descendant of an official of the First Democratic Republic of Georgia Niko Nokoladze, who had to leave Georgia in 1921 and live in emigration in France, where Zurabishvili was born.


The correspondence has been digitalised.


While in Geneva, where Zurabishvili came to attend the International Labor Organisation’s centennial on Monday, the president met with the UN High Commission for Refugees Filippo Grandi and the heads of the World Trade Organisation and World Health Organisation.


Grandi praised the Georgian government for its support of IDPs and said that Georgia is able to solve the issue of illegal migration with the help of international organisations.


Roberto Azevedo, head of the World Trade Organisation, stated that the WTO is ready to share its experience with Georgia regarding the development of small and medium-sized business.



source: agenda.ge


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