Invest in Tbilisi: Deloitte research reveals potential of Georgian capital

12.06.19 11:00

International audit company Deloitte has prepared a report that reveals the investment potential of the Georgian capital of Tbilisi.


Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze presented Deloitte’s research ‘Sectoral Research of Investment Potential of Tbilisi’ today and said that the research was conducted on the request of Tbilisi City Hall.


"The research is important for sustainable economic growth and long-term development of the capital city… The city should be developed in the correct way. The approach of the previous years like - I will build where I want and how much I want – is categorically unacceptable”, said Kaladze.


Deloitte’s research revealed that hospitality, retail and entertainment, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and creative fields (including advertising, the film industry and fashion design) are promising sectors in Tbilisi.


Deloitte’s research says that Tbilisi can become the go to location for young professionals with the appropriate implementation of infrastructure and the development of a safe and attractive urban environment.


Deloitte prepared detailed recommendations for future cooperation between investors and Tbilisi City Hall, which are based on the experience of developed European cities.




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