MIA detains one for extorting tourists in Tbilisi

27.01.20 17:50

The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs has detained the manager of Black Rose night club in Tbilisi for unauthorized access to a computer system and forcefully extorting money.


The MIA said that the manager of the night club, only identified as G.M. and born in 1995, threatened foreigner customers and forced them to pay GEL 31,000 ($10,737).


Citizen of India, S.S. who was injured during a physical confrontation on the spot, was provided with appropriate medical assistance and have been taken to the hospital. His health is not in danger.


Police say that the detainee seized money from bank cards registered in the name of foreign citizens by unauthorized access to a computer system.


The crime is punishable by two to four years in prison.




source: AGENDA

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