Frankfurt University gets Georgian studies cabinet

11.06.19 17:20

A cabinet named after the iconic 12th Century Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli has been opened in Goethe University in Frankfurt yesterday to facilitate the study of the Caucasus.


The university’s Caucasian studies department has been operating since 2002 and provides students with a rich library on Kartvelian studies.


Georgian Consul Levan Diasamidze, University Vice President and Professor Rolf Van Dyke and other officials held the opening ceremony.


To note, supervisor of the Caucasian Studies department professor Manana Tandashvili began collecting foreign translations of the poem titled ‘A Knight in the Panther’s Skin’ by Shota Rustaveli two years ago.


A total of 50 translations have already been registered in the library on Kartvelian studies.


The Knight in the Panther’s Skin is one of the main literary monuments of Georgia, and it attracts both Georgian and foreign readers with its unique plot.




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