“Abkhazian history is also an Armenian issue” - Margarita Simonyan hinted that the Armenian lobby will decide the fate of Abkhazia

24.01.20 23:00

Against the backdrop of the Abkhazian “revolution”, Armenian nationalists are no longer even embarrassed that they will actually determine the future of Abkhazia and Abkhazians.


There is no doubt that the huge help from the budget of the Russian Federation for access to which the Abkhaz clans are biting today is due precisely to the Armenian lobby in Russia. And of course, not at all for the “prosperity of the Abkhaz people”, but primarily in the interests of the Armenian community of Abkhazia, which, in essence, controls the entire economy of the separatist territory.


But until recently, Armenian nationalists tried not to publicize their interest in Abkhaz affairs. Like, the Abkhazians themselves “democratically” determine the future of their “independent” state, and we have nothing to do with it, the Armenians are only “law-abiding citizens of Abkhazia”.


But after in Abkhazia, “without asking the senior comrades,” the puppet of the Abkhazians, hated by the Abkhazians, who was placed in power by the Armenian lobby, was forced to resign, the Armenian nationalists decided that it was time to make it clear to the “raging natives” - the Abkhazians who in Abkhazia the main one. Just such a hint was recently addressed to the Abkhaz by the main Kremlin propagandist Margarita Simonyan.


Here are her words published by website in the article “Abkhazian history is also an Armenian issue” ( )


"I don’t know what is happening there in Abkhazia, but a few worthy husbands in front of my eyes interrupted a well-deserved rest in order to fly to sort this out.


In fact, Abkhazian history is, in a strange way, also an Armenian issue. There are traditionally a lot of Armenians in Abkhazia, and in Sochi there are many people from there. My great-grandfather and great-grandmother, for example, have lived all their lives in Pitsunda.


As is always the case during domestic political experiments, some Abkhaz politicians suddenly remembered the national question. In Adler, for several months now, housewives and taxi drivers have been sending videos with furiously anti-Armenian rhetoric to each other. With the same passion that they used to.


That’s why they are discussing this revolution in our southern capital much more merrily than some Moscow protests there, which were not heard of here.

Our Abkhazian Sputnik these days has 150,000 unique per day. That is, read, the entire adult population of Abkhazia.


I remind you that from the Olympic Palaces, where in February, for example, the Sochi Forum will take place, to the border with Abkhazia – are forty minutes by foot".


The hints of Margarita Simonyan are more than transparent. Firstly, she noted that her great-grandfather and great-grandmother are from the Abkhaz Armenians. The Armenian audience immediately begs the question - why does such an outstanding Armenian woman like Simonyan have neither land nor real estate in Abkhazia? Mess! So, we urgently need to pass a law that allows buying a property in Abkhazia not only to Armenians holding passports of separatist Abkhazia (which the Armenian lobby through the same Khajimba deprived the Georgians of the Gali district) but also to other Armenians. From Russia, Armenia, the so-called “Artsakh”, etc.


The Olympic palaces in Sochi, which Simonyan mentions, were almost all built by Armenian contractors. At this construction, they “mastered” a lot of money. In addition, in those regions of Sochi where the 2014 Winter Olympics took place, the share of Armenians in the population exceeds 70%. That is, it has long been "small and already ancient Armenia" in the south of Russia.


And nearby, within walking distance of Abkhazia, where the Armenians also become the majority. Another “little Armenia”. Such as Simonyan already consider these lands as a whole. Armenian, of course. And they directly hint that they will determine the future of these lands.





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