5,839 road accidents reported in Georgia in 2019, 481 killed

23.01.20 12:00

5,839 road accidents were reported across Georgia in 2019, with 481 killed and 7,921 injured, the Georgian Alliance for Safe Roads says based on the Georgian Interior Ministry.


The NGO reports that compared to 2018 the number of those killed has increased by five percent, while the number of road accidents decreased by 9.5 percent and the number of injured also decreased by 12 percent.


What are the statistics for previous years?

2015 – 6,432 road accidents; 602 killed; 9,187 injured.
2016 – 6,939 road accidents; 581 killed; 9951 injured.
2017 - 6,079 road accidents; 517 killed; 8,461 injured.
2018 – 6,452 road accidents; 459 killed; 9,047 injured.


What is the situation in Tbilisi?

The Alliance for Safe Roads reports that 10 percent more people (nine people more) were killed in road accidents in Tbilisi in 2019, while the number of road accidents has been decreased by eight percent and the number of injured - by 11 percent.


2,891 road accidents were reported in Tbilisi in 2019, with 100 killed and 3,430 injured.

In 2018 3,155 road accidents were reported in Tbilisi, with 91 killed and 3,871 injured.


Minors killed in accidents

19 minors have been killed in accidents in 2019 – 16 were passengers, three – pedestrians, while 853 others received injuries.


In 2018 21 minors were killed in road accidents and 1,012 – injured.


Causes behind the accidents

The NGO says that not maintaining a single lane, speeding, reckless driving and driving under the influence of alcohol are some of the major causes of road accidents in Georgia.





source: AGENDA

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