EU provides Georgian gov’t with advanced border management and crime-fighting equipment

22.01.20 17:30

European Union (EU) together with project implementer International Organization for Migration (IOM) have donated advanced border management and crime-fighting equipment to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


The equipment includes sophisticated equipment for the in-depth examination of identity and travel documents to the Forensic-Criminalistics Department of the MIA, also two comprehensive software packages enabling both the Forensic-Criminalistics and the Central Criminal Police Departments to thoroughly investigate instances of cybercrime and retrieve evidence from cyberspace.


Vincent Rey, Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation to Georgia noted that the equipment will enable Georgian authorities to more effectively fight irregular migration and crime, including highly complex forms of cybercrime.


“It is important in view of visa-free travel to the EU to ensure modern and well-managed borders in Georgia and the safety and security to Georgians. These materials are part of an EU funded support program which includes equipment valued at €10 million (GEL 32 million) to Georgian authorities for use in areas of migration and border management”, said Rey.
MIA also received document examination equipment, which will make it easier for the Georgian government to improve migration governance and border management and meet the benchmarks of the EU visa-free travel suspension mechanism.




source: AGENDA

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