Amiran Gamkrelidze: There is a minimum risk for the spread of the virus in our country

22.01.20 17:00

This is a serious disease. There is a minimum risk for the spread of the virus in our country, however, there is a theoretical risk, Amiran Gamkrelidze, Director General of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health, said on Wednesday, while speaking about the outbreak of a new coronavirus in China.


Gamkrelidze said that the World Health Organization is convening an Emergency Committee of experts on Wednesday to assess whether the coronavirus outbreak in China constitutes an international emergency and the committee will issue recommendations.


“We are already holding inner consultations and the internal working plan to determine future steps of the Center for Disease Control and what should be done throughout the country,” Amiran Gamkrelidze said.


According to him, the Center will hold a meeting with the Health Minister and the Ministry officials at 10:00 am tomorrow.


“We will present our proposals and will carry out a coordinated work with the Ministry structures to agree on the measures that should be taken in the future. Georgia is far from this province and there are no direct flights,” Amiran Gamkrelidze said.


We follow the guidelines of the so-called algorithm of the European Center for Disease Control, which includes green, yellow and red zones. So far we are in the green zone, it means that there is a minimum risk, however, there is a theoretical risk. We know how many Chinese citizens arrive in Georgia approximately. Internal consultations on these issues are underway and the future plan will be announced tomorrow after reaching an agreement at the Ministry, "Amiran Gamkrelidze said.




source: IPN

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