Avalanche control system to be implemented in Georgia

17.01.20 18:00

A team of nine will be trained in Georgia for three years by French experts to identify avalanche zones and study ways of mitigating avalanche threats by three different mechanisms, announces the Mountain Resorts Development Company.


Mitigating avalanche threats is important especially for Kobi-Gudauri ski roads as this area is often closed [due to] avalanche hazard, but now it will be possible to mitigate the hazard of avalanches in several hours”, reports the Mountain Resorts Development Company.


The French experts will stay in Georgia until 2022 and in addition to giving the trainings will also serve Gudauri ski resort for three years to mitigate avalanche hazards.


The total cost of the project is 21 million GEL ($7.3 mln/€6.5 mln).




source: AGENDA

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