Snow in suberbs of Tbilisi

17.01.20 13:45

It is snowing in the suburbs of Tbilisi. As Svetlana Nioradze, Head of Prognosis Center of the National Environment Agency told Georgian First Channel, slush is prognosticated in Tbilisi.


TbilService Group reported that about 80 tons of technical salt were distributed across roads in Tskneti, Kiketi, Akhaldaba, Samadlo, Betania, Kojori, Tabakhmela, Shindisi, Tsavkisi and Okrokana last evening. Traffic movement is not suspended at these road sections.


It was snowing last night in Sajarejo, Telavi and Dedoplistskaro. There is not much snow in winter resorts of Gudauri and Bakuriani, though. Frost is expected in Tbilisi tonight. Lush and minor snow is expected on Sunday, January 19.




source: 1TV




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