Georgian Reconciliation Minister says Tbilisi ready for dialogue with Sokhumi, Tskhinvali society

17.01.20 10:55

State Minister for Reconciliation and Civic Equality of Georgia Ketevan Tsikhelashvili said in response to recent developments in the Russia-occupied region of Abkhazia that the Government of Georgia is not only ready for the dialogue with the Abkhaz and Ossetian public but is making steps forward.


Tsikhelashvili said dialogue with the occupied regions is necessary over issues of joint interest, including trade and economy, education and healthcare, agriculture and more.


This is even an "unwritten chapter" of our peace policy... we have discussed not a single opinion, among others, also with the representatives of the Abkhaz society in an informal way as well”, Tsikhelashvili said on  Thursday. 
Minister Tsikhelashvili says that there can be different forms of dialogue either in Tbilisi or Sokhumi, should the readiness for this be shown. 


Opposition ‘presidential candidate’ in occupied Abkhazia Aslan Bzhania also told IPN news agency  that "there must be a dialogue between Tbilisi and Sokhumi". 


Bzhania, who will run in the region’s snap "presidential elections" on March 22 considers the format of the dialogue "less important, or whether there will be mediators or not, the most important is that the dialogue result in positive outcomes".




source: AGENDA

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