Giga Bokeria about NDI survey results: Ivanishvili is doomed to failure

16.01.20 16:15

Ivanishvili is doomed to failure, Giga Bokeria, one of the leaders of the opposition European Georgia party, told reporters while responding to the public opinion poll released by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) today.


Bokeria said people see the Georgian Dream has turned into a "national threat."


"This survey reflects the grim reality created in the country by Ivanishvili and his army of "clowns". There is a historical anti-record of the number of people who believe that the authorities are leading the country in the wrong direction, to the abyss. In terms of assessing the quality of democracy, we also see that there is the anti-record and, naturally, society, our citizens see how this shameful leader and his "clowns" have turned into a national threat.


As for political parties, the situation is very clear here. The democratic opposition has clearly stronger support than the Georgian Dream. There are good results for us, for the "European Georgia", too, but it is not of utmost importance; the most important thing is that Ivanishvili is doomed to failure. Our political team, the whole opposition, and society should aim to do it at the expense of less harm to the country,” Giga Bokeria said.




source: IPN


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