Maps of “super the great” Armenia and inciting war in the region

13.01.20 17:00

Various social networks of “great”, and more precisely, “super-great” or “hyper-great” Armenia are distributed on social networks. Their number is amazing, or rather the scale of the lie. These new territorial claims are usually accompanied by a comment:


“This is a real map of Armenia. Dear Armenians, share this truth, let everyone see this truth. ”


“The truth” in the presentation of Armenian nationalists and falsifiers is a little shocking even for those who are used to their claims. On the “real map of Armenia,” it includes not only the whole east of Turkey, the north of Syria, the whole island of Cyprus, the whole Azerbaijan, the whole north-west of present Iran, including the whole of South Azerbaijan (with the cities of Tabriz, Ardabil, and Urmia) and even Gilan, but almost all of Georgia, together with the cities of Tbilisi, Batumi, Akhaltsikhe, Kutaisi.


"Great Armenia", thus, is located between the three seas - the Mediterranean, Black, Caspian, taking almost all of the land transcontinental routes. Which means “you just can’t travel around it easily”.


At the same time, it is interesting that many of the conflict zones of the region were included in the “great Armenia” on the aforementioned “real” map, where, by a strange coincidence, the very United States strives to establish its control. And this leads to the idea that today's "historical fantasies and claims" of Armenian nationalists actually have a very real purpose.


The fact is that as long as Armenian nationalism exists, so many Armenians are trying to offer their “services” to large geopolitical players. The same Israel Ori, who at the beginning of the 18th century urged the Russian emperor Peter the Great to organize an Armenian state in the South Caucasus, and this is essentially one of a series of Armenian emissaries who lounged around in the capitals of powerful European powers. Telling tales about the "ancient great Armenia" they tried by foreign forces to put together for themselves on foreign lands an allegedly "revived Armenian state." Instead, they offered essentially a betrayal of those countries in which the Armenians lived, promising to become the “fifth column” and the conductors of the interests of the new “masters”.


At the same time, Armenian nationalists sometimes offered their “services” to the opposite camps. So, for example, the terrorist organization “Dashnaktsutyun”, created in order to fight for the creation of an Armenian state in Turkish lands, at one time during the revolution of 1905-1907 in Russia went to a temporary "reconciliation" with Turkey. Having become a direct agent of the Western powers, she opened, in fact, a terrorist front against the Russian Empire, organizing bloody pogroms and genocide of the Muslim population in the South Caucasus.


But by the beginning of the First World War, the Dashnaks again “offered their services” to Russia in order to create their own state on Turkish lands. With the outbreak of war, they staged a mutiny and massacre of the peaceful Muslim population of Turkey, which forced the Turkish authorities to partially deport the Armenian population from the frontline zone in 1915.


As is currently known, the United States is the main geopolitical player in the Near and Middle East, and they are actively looking for those forces to rely on. At one time, Americans relied on Kurds and Iraqi Shiites. But in general, these "allies" were disappointed. Moreover, as is known, against the backdrop of a threat from ISIS, Iraqi Shiites entered into an alliance with their co-religionists in Iran and their complete subordination to American interests did not work. Not meeting the expectations of the Americans and the Kurds.


In such circumstances, Armenian nationalists are trying to offer themselves to the United States as an "outpost" in the Near and Middle East. By drawing such maps, they outline the territories that should then “for services” in promoting the interests of the leading superpower fall under the control of “great Armenia”.


It is clear that even Americans are unlikely to allow Armenian nationalists to expand their borders at the expense of densely populated Muslim countries. Well, if only because the wave of refugees as a result of such a redrawing of the borders (and if Armenian nationalists are engaged in it, ethnic cleansing is inevitable) will exceed tens of millions.


But Armenian nationalists are quite counting on “making money” at the expense of Georgia and gaining access to the sea. After all, they have been supporting separatism in Georgia since the Soviet Union existed. In Abkhazia, Armenian militants in 1992-1993 fought against Georgia and were the main initiators of the genocide and expulsion of the Georgian population. After that, this Georgian territory, in fact, passed under the control of the Armenian diaspora. The Armenian lobby in Russia also strongly contributed to the occupation of the Tskhinvali region and its exclusion from Georgia.


Due to the machinations of Armenian nationalists, Georgia has already in fact lost control over 20% of the territory. But now, Armenian nationalists are claiming to capture the rest of the territory of Georgia and thus “breaking through the blockade” to gain access to the sea. Moreover, in Georgia, they have the most powerful “fifth column” and the separatist movement in Samtskhe-Javakheti, which is also included on all maps of Armenian nationalists in “great Armenia” as “original Armenian Javakhk”.


Of course, at the same time, Armenian dominance will remain in separatist Abkhazia and the Russian Krasnodar Territory (Sochi and Adler have long become "almost Armenian cities"). Already today in the Krasnodar Territory and Abkhazia, the entire economy is in the hands of the Armenian diaspora. In addition, the Armenians became the main ethnic group in numbers.


But so far, Armenian nationalists have not included Abkhazia and Sochi in their “great Armenia” in order to annoy Russia ahead of time. However, the fact that their power will be here if their plans are realized “on other fronts” is undoubted.


In the current, not simple geopolitical situation in the Near and Middle East, when the states are “shaken”, crushed and plunged into chaos (Syria and Iraq are examples of this), there is a chance for Armenian nationalists to become “the main agents of the world gendarme.” And they try to use it.


Having relied naturally on the most powerful force in their view, the USA, Armenia is still “listed” in Russia's “allies”, and is also cooperating with Iran. But this “Triple Game of Yerevan” should not mislead anyone.


Today, Armenia and the Armenian lobby are clearly “waiting” until the situation in the Near and Middle East becomes favorable. In order to use the “old” masters, Russia, for the final partition and dismemberment of Georgia, to begin to clearly serve the “new masters”.


According to their plans, just as the western allies of Georgia limited themselves to the verbal condemnation of the Russian occupation of Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region, they also “swallow” the Armenian occupation of the rest of Georgia.


The situation in the region is rapidly changing now and may become completely unexpected for both the "old" owners and all the countries neighboring Armenia.


Recall that the same Karabakh conflict arose unexpectedly for non-Armenians. In 1986, no one expected the disaster. And already in 1988, mass pogroms and ethnic cleansing of the Azerbaijani population began, both in the Armenian SSR and in Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh. And then separatist rebellions were provoked by the Armenian lobby in Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region.


Now, too, events can begin to develop rapidly. Moreover, the situation in the Middle East is absolutely unstable.


The world was already one step away from a large-scale war in the region. No one knows what surprises even the present 2020 will bring. Therefore, the territorial claim of the nationalists and the maps of “great Armenia” should be taken with full seriousness.





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