EuropeBet limits gambling Ads

09.12.19 12:05

From December 2019, Europebet gradually refuses all communications that are likely to go beyond the audience and make it impossible to control the age of the viewer.


As Europebet states in its statement, the company completely refuses outdoor advertising, restricts hourly advertising on television and radio, and takes into account the age limit in online advertising.


As of January 2020, Europebet will offer users online tools such as Reality Testing Report, Self-Assessment Test, Player Tips, 24/7 Support for Troubled Players, Therapy for Troubled Players, Stringent Video Verification, Responsibility in Communication.


‘Responsible Gaming’ campaign is a new project of Europebet which aims to harmonize the gaming business and society.


Europebet has decided to spend the entire budget gained from self-restricted communication channels on the projects that intends the development of community and environment.


2.2 million GEL will be spent for this purpose in 2020, the company said.



source: 1TV


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