Director General of Anaklia Consortium: Georgia does not need two deep-water ports

06.12.19 18:00

Georgia does not need two deep-water ports, there is not enough market and demand, Director General of Anaklia Consortium Levan Akhvlediani said on Friday.


To the question, asked by InterPressNews, whether potential investors of Anaklia Port are hindered by the fact that APM Terminal Poti is announcing the construction of a new deep-sea port in Poti, Akhvlediani replied that the Georgian government has made a choice on the Anaklia port by including it into the constitution.


“The Anaklia deep-sea port is included in the constitution, hence the Georgian government has made a choice on the port of Anaklia. I think Anaklia is the project our country needs, so the government has made the right choice, "Akhvlediani said.


According to him, Anaklia Port Project is ready to begin construction work and the project will soon become successful. “The Anaklia Port project is commercially viable and today it is vital for Georgia to build this port," Levan Akhvlediani said.




source: IPN

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