Gigi Ugulava - They are wild and we are humans

06.12.19 17:20

Gigi Ugulava, a member of European Georgia, said that the opposition wants to demand a peaceful transition to a proportional electoral system. As he added at the protest rally in Kutaisi, the government is only fighting for power, salaries and bonuses.


Ivanishvili is out of his mind, we can expect everything from him, but if he holds counter-rally, that means he is conscious and starts the war.


We are absolutely peaceful, non-violent, demanding the only thing – to get back the elections.


We have to show the difference, they are wild and we are humans who demand justice, free elections.


They are fighting for their power, their salaries, their bonuses, that’s the difference between us, Gigi Ugulava said.




source: 1TV



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