Carl Hartzell – Reaching of compromise over election system not realistic in the nearest future

06.12.19 15:20

Carl Hartzell, Ambassador of the European Union to Georgia believes that the ruling party and opposition should continue a dialogue to reach an agreement over election system in Georgia.


However, EU Ambassador believes that reaching of compromise over election model is not realistic in the nearest future. “The dialogue should continue so that a compromise is reached. Dialogue is crucial,” Hartzell said.


The so-called German Model of elections was the main topic for discussions between representatives of the ruling Georgian Dream party and opposition during the first round of negotiations on November 30.


The Georgian opposition sees the adoption of the German Model of election system as the way out of the current political crisis in the country. Representatives of the Diplomatic Corps attended the meeting, which continued for about 6 hours.




siurce: 1TV


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