Average monthly salary of women employed in business sector is GEL 577 less than average salary of men

04.12.19 16:35

Average monthly remuneration of women, employed in business sector was GEL 979.8 in the III quarter of 2019, GEL 577 less compared to the men, employed in the same sector, the Georgian National Statistics Office, Geostat, said on Wednesday.


Geostat said the average number of employees equaled to 696.0 thousand, 4.6 percent higher compared to the same period of the last year. 40.9 percent of the employed people are female and 59.1 percent - are male.


“36.3 percent of total number of employees comes on large, 22.2 percent – on medium and 41.5 percent - on small businesses. The total number of employed persons amounted 652.2 thousands (3.9 percent higher y/y). The total personnel costs of enterprises equaled to 2 632.6 million GEL (16.9 percent higher y/y),” Geostat said.



source: IPN

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