Geostat published activities of enterprises III quarter, 2019

04.12.19 14:55

As Geostat claims, in the III quarter of 2019 compared to the same quarter of the previous year the volume of business sector turnover increased by 33.0 per cent and amounted to 29.0 billion GEL.


The production value of the business sector is characterized by the growth tendency. In the III quarter of 2019, its volume equaled to 12.8 billion GEL, which is year-on-year 19.8 per cent higher.


In the III quarter of 2019, 51.9 per cent of total turnover comes on large and 19.9 per cent – on medium businesses while 28.2 per cent is distributed to small business. A small difference is in case of total production value: 38.2 per cent comes on large, 23.7 percent – on medium and 38.1 per cent on small businesses.


The Office of National Statistics added that 36.3 per cent of a total number of employees comes on large, 22.2 per cent – on medium and 41.5 per cent – on small businesses.


The total number of employed persons amounted 652.2 thousand (year-on-year 3.9 per cent higher). The total personnel costs of enterprises equaled to 2 632.6 million GEL (year-on-year 16.9 per cent higher). In the III quarter of 2019, average monthly remuneration of employed persons equalled to 1 316.2 GEL (year-on-year increase by 129.5 GEL) while remuneration of employed women made up 979.8 GEL (year-on-year increase by 87.2 GEL).


Average monthly remuneration of employed persons by the size of enterprises is as follows:


• Large business – 1 281.1 GEL

• Medium business – 1 463.6 GEL

• Small business – 1 260.2 GEL


In the III quarter of 2019, the trade sector (including repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles) has the highest share (38.5 percent) in the total turnover in business sector, followed by arts, entertainment and recreation with 24.1 percent share, manufacturing – 9.5 percent, construction – 8.8 percent, transportation and storage – 5.6 percent, electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply – 2.5 percent and other sectors with 11.1 percent share:


In the III quarter of 2019, manufacturing (21.5 per cent), construction (20.8 per cent), trade (16.9 per cent) and transportation and storage (9.2 per cent) are on the top four places in business sector production value. Rest of sectors have the 31.6 per cent share:



source: 1TV


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