Kalantarov as a representative of the Armenian people of Tbilisi for the rights of the same people of Nagorno-Karabakh. And the Javakhk?

12.11.19 14:55

It is time to understand for all those who are building at least some illusions about the Armenian nationalists: for people and "people" they recognize only themselves, their beloved. Representatives of other nationalities are not “people” for them and do not have any rights. Especially on the land that the Armenian nationalists “liked”.


For example, in Georgian Abkhazia, Armenians are representatives of the "people." They are “full-fledged” separatist “citizens” who occupied the houses and apartments of those killed by them during the 1992-1993 war. Georgians and Georgian refugees and deprived all human rights of the Georgians of the Gali district. They are already seriously "probing the ground" in order to make the "president" of the separatist Abkhazia an Armenian as a representative of the "people." And 300 thousand Georgian refugees from Abkhazia and another 30 thousand Gali Georgians in their conscious are not “people”.


It is precisely these views on the “non-Armenians” that the hater of Georgia and Georgians, Armenian nationalist Sergey Lavrov-Kalantarov, who holds the post of head of the Foreign Ministry of the multinational Russian Federation, adheres. And during his recent visit to Armenia, Sergey Lavrov only confirmed these views.


Here he made a statement that delighted his fellow tribesmen:


“Without the people of Nagorno-Karabakh, its population, it would be impossible to formulate any agreement [on the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict]," Lavrov said, adding that Armenia simply would not sign it.
Thus, in the understanding of Lavrov-Kalantarov, 60-100 thousand Karabakh Armenians are the "people of Nagorno-Karabakh", and more than 1 million Karabakh Azerbaijanis expelled from their homes are not "people"?


Such an approach is dangerous not so much for Azerbaijan (which, with all its desire, will not succeed in taking anything away from the Armenian aggressors by definition, but also for Georgia.


For clarity of what is happening, we will show such an example. Recall that in Tbilisi the real ratio of Georgians and Armenians is about the same as the ratio of Azerbaijanis and Armenians in Karabakh before the war. Over 1 million against about 100 thousand explicit or implicit representatives of the Armenian "people of Tbilisi." The representative of this “people” is just the same Armenian nationalist Sergei Lavrov Kalatarov. His parents are Tbilisi Armenians.

According to the logic of Lavrov-Kalantarov, only people like him, i.e. Armenians have the right to decide the fate of Tbilisi as a “people”. Moreover, Armenian nationalists do not call the capital of Georgia otherwise than the “Armenian city”.


As well as the fate of Georgian Abkhazia, now only the "Armenian community of Abkhazia" as a "people" decides in fact. Moreover, from the point of view of the Armenian nationalists, all the “superfluous” Georgians were expelled and organized by terrible ethnic cleansers. And the few Abkhazians who tried to resent the Armenian dominance were intimidated and "shut up" - now they are not even heard and nothing is known about their fate.


If things go on like this, then in Samtskhe-Javkheti, soon the “Armenian people of Javakhk” will also decide everything.


By the way, for some reason no one thought why Sergey Lavrov-Kalantarov arrived in Armenia right now. In addition to questions of Russian-Armenian relations, his trip may well be connected with the “Georgian question”.





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