9272 Iranian and 4238 Indian citizens were denied entry into Georgia this year

08.11.19 10:20

Since the beginning of this year till October 20, 21975 cases of refusal to cross the state border of Georgia were registered. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 9272 Iranian and 4238 Indian citizens were denied entry into the country this year.


The top five also includes Azerbaijan (1607), Turkey (1231) and Russia (949). As for citizens of the other countries the statistic is as follows: Armenia 507, Turkmenistan 430, Pakistan 392, Uzbekistan 386, Egypt 288, Iraq 234, Kazakhstan 206, Kyrgyzstan 168, Syria 165, Yemen 152, Philippines 136, China 125, Moldova 121, Afghanistan 110, Jordan and Sri Lanka – 105-105. In the case of other countries, the number is less than 100.


Compared to the previous year, the number of citizens, who were refused to enter Georgia, has increased. In 2018, 16 025 citizens were not allowed into the country. Iran (3226) and India (2254) were leading in the statistics of the last year.


However, since March of this year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs no longer publishes monthly statistics. The new information was provided by the agency in response to the question raised by MP Sergi Kapanadze.



source: 1TV

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