PM: We Will Resolve the Issue of Land Registration within 3 Years

07.11.19 17:00

The Government of Georgia discussed the issue of land registration at Thursday's session.


As the head of the government, Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia, noted, during the visits of lawmakers and government members to the regions, especially to the villages, it is often found that land registration is one of the most important issues facing locals.


“Accordingly, the Ministry of Justice is working in this direction. It is not only extremely important for each of our citizens living in rural areas as well as for people who own land there, but is also crucial for the economy. As you know, land is one of the most important resources of our economy,” he said, adding that the issue will be fully resolved within three years.


"As a result of the work and discussions carried out today, we can state with full responsibility that through further development of sporadic and systematic registration in the next three years, we will finally resolve the land registration issue," the PM said.



source: GeorgiaToday

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