Armenian provocateurs continue to fuel the situation around David Gareji

30.10.19 15:50

Armenian nationalists who officially claim 465 Georgian churches in Georgia, not counting the long and illegally appropriated all and without exception Georgian churches in the Republic of Armenia (including such monasteries as Kobairi, Khujabi, Akhtala, Kirants, etc.) suddenly then they began to "worry" about the Georgian monastery of David Gareji. More precisely, that part of it, which is located on the territory of Azerbaijan, where the Azerbaijani authorities freely allow Georgian clergy and monks.


The goal is clear, to try by all means to rekindle the conflict around the monastery between the friendly countries - Georgia and Azerbaijan. It is for this purpose that a great deal of material has been enlightened on the website under a loud and provocative headline: ““ Georgian Jerusalem ”- the David Gareji complex as a political mine and an eternal problem” ( garedzhi-kak-politicheskaya-mina-i-vechnaya-problema/).


“Armenian Brothers” want David Gareji’s problem to be “eternal” and unsolvable for Georgians. Well, thank you very much for your “brotherly frankness”!


At the same time, this material ends provocatively, with hints that the authorities of Georgia and Azerbaijan agree “not as it should” and that the situation needs to be “rectified” by unauthorized violation of even the agreed border and the seizure of objects on foreign territory.


“Since October 11 of this year, the road to the controversial temples of the David Gareji complex opened only for clergy. As a result of negotiations in Baku, Georgy Gahariy managed to only partially fulfill the order of the Catholicos-Patriarch. And in order to achieve more, peace and a proper understanding of patriotism are necessary.


The Georgian high-ranking clergyman, Metropolitan Iob calls David Gareji "Georgian Jerusalem." In his opinion, duty should be established in Gareji, so that the bishops, along with the clergy, take turns to serve there.


“This is a functioning monastery and we are not going to give it up at any price,” Metropolitan Job said earlier. ”


Thus, the Armenian provocateurs are simply pushing short-sighted people in Georgia to irresponsible actions and disrupting the agreements between the authorities of Georgia and Azerbaijan on the delimitation and demarcation of the state border.


This is despite the fact that without asking any permission from the Georgian authorities, the Tskhinvali separatists, for example, regularly “move” the line of demarcation towards Georgia from the filing of the same “Armenian brothers”. And it’s also precisely that the Armenian border guards illegally move the border towards Georgia. Already thus captured the Georgian monastery of Khujabi.


Are the “Armenian brothers” so “sincerely worried” about Georgia in the question of David Gareji?


No way! On the same site a few days before the publication of the material about David Gareji, anti-Georgian material “Alania and Armenia: Communication Through the Ages was published” ( -veka /).


In this material, along with the chanting of "Armenian-Ossetian friendship, anti-Georgian gloating is clearly felt:


“Now the relations between Ossetia and Armenia are strengthening more and more. This is facilitated even by the general political situation in the Caucasus, which takes shape without taking into account Ossetia and Armenia.


“Here everything is communicating vessels. What is happening between Georgia and Russia is reflected in Armenia and vice versa, ”explains Director of the Caucasus Institute Alexander Iskandaryan. He believes that Russia's summer sanctions against Georgia played a role in increasing the flow of tourists to Armenia. - Firstly, technically, those who were supposed to fly to Georgia fly to Armenia by plane. Secondly, Russians watch television, and some of those who intended to go to Georgia choose the same Caucasian destinations and go to Armenia. I would say that the number of tourists has increased. I do not have statistics for Georgia, but I am there. In Georgia, a sharp decline in tourism is visible, business suffers from this: people take business from the bank, equip small hotels in the hope that the tourist season will bring this money, they will be able to recapture, mainly due to tourists from Russia. Then this demand plummeted. If you look empirically, then probably more than half of the tourists are tourists from Russia. This year, this tourist season, changes are unlikely to happen”.


But all this is not soon. That summer, many really changed Georgia to Armenia and did not regret it. Guests are always welcome there”.


The worse Georgia is the better for Armenian and Ossetian nationalists.


The question is, if you do not like Georgia and Georgians, then what do you care about the Georgian monastery of David-Gareji? Then give back the Khujabi monastery illegally seized by Armenia, where Georgian clergy and pilgrims are not even thinking of letting go. And stop supporting separatism, ethnic cleansing and the occupation of Georgian territories!




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