Tskhinvali separatists will celebrate the mythical day of “genocide” modeled on Armenia

24.10.19 11:00

The fact that all the separatists in the South Caucasus are just students of Armenian nationalists is no secret to anyone. Ethnic cleansing of the Georgian population both in the Tskhinvali region and in Abkhazia was carried out “on the model” of ethnic cleansing carried out by Armenian nationalists in Karabakh against peaceful Azerbaijanis.


Moreover, in Abkhazia, atrocities against the peaceful Georgian population were directly involved in the Armenian militants from the battalion named after Baghramyan and other formations. Including those who had experience of reprisals against the peaceful Azerbaijani population of Karabakh.


Now the results of ethnic cleansing, the separatists seek to "justify" and "consolidate." And here they again take into account the lies and historical falsifications of Armenian nationalists, based on the myth of the "genocide of 1915." And they don’t even hide who their “teachers” are.


The Tskhinvali separatists actively set about building a “genocidal” regime based on lies and historical myths. For the "act of genocide" it was decided to take the suppression in Georgia in 1920 of the Bolshevik rebellion, in which Ossetians also partially participated.


The fact that the leaders of the rebellion were Bolshevik Georgians and among the Georgians who also strewn the creators of the "genocidal myth" does not bother. The main thing for them is to justify the ethnic grip and the expulsion of the Georgian population with the myth of "genocide".


On October 22, 2019, in the separatist Tskhinvali, the issue of establishing the so-called “Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Ossetian Genocide” was discussed.


The adviser to the separatist leader Anatoly Bibilov, Kosta Pukhaev, came forward with the proposal to establish this “memorable date.”


“Such dates exist in many countries that have faced crimes against humanity, for example, in Armenia. I propose to approve the official date on June 20, the day the Georgian Mensheviks shot 13 Communards, peaceful participants in the resistance. This bloody day is also a link in the chain of tragic events of the 20s of the last century, ”said Pukhaev.


Tskhinvali separatists do not even hide the one from whom they learn their “genocidal” myth-making from Armenia.


In connection with the inventing and using of genocidal myths by Tskhivali separatists “according to the Armenian model” the question arises - are the mass actions organized by the Armenian community of Georgia every year during the mythical “Armenian genocide” on April 20th?


Not only that, with these actions there is an escalation of hatred, national and religious hatred, the chanting of "Artsakh" separatism. The young generation of Armenians is instilled with a myth about their supposedly “exceptional suffering” and therefore permissiveness towards other nations. Like we are the "victims of genocide" we can do everything. Including to kill and expel representatives of peoples who “haven’t suffered from genocide,” and even more so as allegedly “perpetrators of genocide”.


Now, according to the direction of the Armenian nationalists, Ossetians are infected with genocidal hysteria. Its purpose is understandable, not only to “fix” ethnic cleansing, but also to make it impossible for the Ossetian and Georgian peoples to reconcile their lives in a single Georgian state. Those. the goal is the same - the dismemberment of a united Georgia. Moreover, another so-called “victims of genocide”, the Armenian separatists in Samtsa-Javakheti are just waiting for the moment to raise a separatist rebellion and “finish off” Georgia.


If the Tskhivalist separatists and their Armenian patrons succeed in experimenting with the "genocide" myth, then there is no doubt that a similar myth will be invented for the separatists of Abkhazia. There now they are intensively sorting out the mythical "historical grievances" received allegedly by Abkhazians from Georgians.


So far they have not found anything, but this is a "fixable" business. In order to keep up with Armenian and Ossetian nationalists, Abkhazian “genocide” can be invented “from scratch”. At the same time, slowly realizing the genocide of the Abkhazian ethnos, which today “under the watchful eye” of Armenian nationalists is degrading and dying out.


While dismembering Georgia with false, invented "genocidal" myths, Armenian nationalists have the audacity to continue to demand from Georgia the recognition of their mythical "1915 genocide."



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