Georgia helps to revive the memory of Azerbaijani Irevan destroyed by Armenian nationalists

31.05.19 11:45

Georgia assists to Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani people in restoring the memory of the cultural heritage of the Azerbaijani Irevan and the Irevan Khanate destroyed by Armenian nationalists. This is another evidence of friendship and good neighborliness between the two countries - Georgia and Azerbaijan.


On May 27, an exhibition entitled “Masterpieces of History”, consisting of the Azerbaijani and Oriental collections of the National Museum of Georgia, opened in the Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku. Vice President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva attended the opening ceremony.


Speaking at the event, Fuad Akhundov, head of the social and political affairs department of the Presidential Administration of the Azerbaijan Republic, noted that five years ago it became known that there are thousands of historical and cultural artifacts belonging to Azerbaijan in the Georgian National Museum. President Ilham Aliyev and First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva were informed about this and a decision was made to organize a grand exhibition based on these materials.


Expressing gratitude to the Heydar Aliyev Foundation for organizing the exhibition, Fuad Akhundov stressed that the Ministry of Culture and the Georgian National Museum had done significant work in this regard. “A significant part of the paintings presented at the exhibition was restored. From the day of its creation, the Georgian National Museum collected these artifacts and preserved them to this day. I express our gratitude to our Georgian colleagues for this,”he said.


The event also included a presentation of the book by the chief curator of the Georgian National Museum, Professor-Historian Eldar Nadiradze, “Irevan khanate: historical and cultural profile”.


The author of the book, Professor Eldar Nadiradze, shared his opinion on the publication. He noted that the book published in Azerbaijani, English and Russian languages reflected detailed information about the history, rulers of the Irevan khanate, battles for the Irevan fortress, the role of the khanate in the history of Azerbaijan. The book includes photographs and drawings telling about the history of the Irevan Khanate, photographs of unique exhibits stored in the Georgian National Museum.


The General Director of the Georgian National Museum, Academician David Lordkipanidze noted that the ancient samples of art presented at the exhibition can be considered masterpieces of Azerbaijani masters.


In total, the exhibition includes about 300 exhibits. The three exposition sections present samples of Azerbaijani art of the Qajar era, a collection of things, utensils and paintings from the Sardar Palace complex of the Irevan (Erivan) Khan and rare photo documents from the archive of Russian photo pioneer Dmitry Ermakov (1846–1916) about the Erivan khanate.


Located in the center of Yerevan, the complex of the Sardar Palace of the Irevan Khan and other medieval Azerbaijani buildings, as well as the entire Irevan (Erivan) fortress, were completely destroyed by the Armenian authorities. Thus, during the 20th century, the historical center of Yerevan, its centuries-old architecture and culture was destroyed.


Armenian falsifiers did everything to destroy or conceal any documents and facts testifying to Irevan’s Azerbaijani past. Therefore, it is not by chance that it is very difficult to find any information or things related to Irevan and the Irevan Khanate.


The foundations of the Georgian National Museum were fortunately unavailable for Armenian falsifiers. Georgia has preserved invaluable evidence of Azerbaijani history and evidence that Irevan (the current capital of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan) has always been an Azerbaijani city.


The story is not over! Inevitably, Yerevan sooner or later will once again become an Azerbaijani city, as it was for centuries, descendants of the indigenous inhabitants of Irevan, sooner or later should return to their ancestral homeland. The world is globalizing and “fixing” the ethnic cleansing carried out by wild methods will not succeed.


Of course, no one will be like Armenian nationalists, who killed and expelled Georgians in Abkhazia and Azerbaijanis in Karabakh, to expel the Armenian population from Irevan (Yerevan). It is excluded!


The truth about Irevan is needed first of all by the Armenians themselves - the residents of today's Yerevan. The fact that today's Armenians are intoxicated by nationalist propaganda and deceitful pseudo-historical myths makes them, first of all, unhappy. Therefore, it is in the interests of the Armenian people themselves to know and understand on whose land they live, what the cultural heritage was here and treats them with respect. Then again, Azerbaijanis and Armenians will be able to live peacefully in Irevan.



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