Free flu vaccination under state program to start in late October  

11.10.19 15:10

Free flu vaccination under the state program will start in late October. As Paata Imnadze, Head of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health, told InterPressNews, 100,000 people, who are in high-risk groups, will be vaccinated this year.


“We will provide a free vaccination to those people, who are in high-risk groups, including: people with diabetes, hepatitis C, HIV positive, dialysis patients, doctors, people living in orphanages and elderly people who live in shelters, as well as pregnant women, "Paata Imnadze said.


He also spoke about measles and urged citizens to get vaccinated.


“The measles vaccination campaign is underway. Don’t become Congo, where 4,000 people died from measles. Let’s get vaccinated! “ Paata Imnadze said.




source: IPN

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