PM Gakharia announces reopening of David Gareji monasteries to Georgian clerics after meeting with Aliyev

10.10.19 12:00

Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia says that the Udabno and Chichkhituri monasteries in Georgia’s 6th Century David Gareji monastery complex, which have been closed by Azerbaijani border guards since the beginning of the year, will reopen to Georgian clerics starting tomorrow.


Gakharia said that the situation in David Gareji, which is located on the conditional border between Georgia and Azerbaijan, was discussed during his meeting with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev yesterday in Baku.


Everyone knows that, unfortunately, there are border sections which have not been agreed upon so far between Georgia and Azerbaijan. This is a Soviet inheritance and the issue has not been resolved over the past 25 years. Aliyev said that history and geography unites us, which I completely share and we openly discussed the issues regarding David Gareji. The result of the discussion is that the monasteries will reopen to Georgian clerics and gradually, step by step we will achieve further progress in this regard,” Gakharia said.


Gakharia did not say whether or not the two monasteries will also reopen to tourists and parish.


He stated that the border issue with Azerbaijan must be resolved through considering the national interests of both countries, cultural heritage and the church interests.


Gakharia called upon the public to refrain from any actions hampering the negotiation process with Azerbaijan regarding border issues.




source: AGENDA


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